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When a path conflict occurs and mediation is unsuccessful, the TVS decides which application to accept and which one to reject. It does this based on the applicable priority rules laid down in the Railways Act (EBG), Rail Network Access Ordinance (RailNAO) and FOT Ordinance to the Rail Network Access Ordi-nance (RNAO-FOT).

A train path (comparable to an aircraft slot in the airline industry) is the entitlement to run a specific train defined in terms of its length, weight, loading gauge and speed on a particular section of the rail network at a given time.

The inventory of pre-configured train paths for freight traffic on the North-South corridors Gotthard and Lötschberg-Simplon published on the second Monday in January as a catalogue for the following timetable year.
Simultaneously, under EU Regulation No 913/2010, another catalogue of special train paths is published by the rail freight corridors on behalf of the concerned IMs; these train paths have been harmonised inter-nationally and are protected from being used for other purposes.

Train path requests are applications for train paths submitted by railway undertakings or third parties entitled to order on the 2nd Monday in April for the annual timetable and applications for train paths in the current timetable.

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