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Each infrastructure manager communicates the conditions and usage requirements of its track network in a Network Statement. In the Network Statement, TVS publishes the applicable ordering and allocation conditions for train paths and ancillary services. These conditions apply equally to all applicants and network users.

The purpose of the NUC and NUPs is to ensure that there is fair and equal access to capacities for freight and passenger traffic on the Swiss track network and to provide attractive terms to both types of traffic in the long term. They are drawn up by SBB Infrastruktur on behalf of the FOT and provide a binding allocation criterion for train path allocation.
The NUC sets the planned train path usage by passenger and freight traffic for a model hour for every section of the track network. The NUPs provide details of train path allocation for each timetable year six years in advance and are updated when necessary. The Federal Council approves the NUC and the FOT approves the NUPs. The NUPs serve as the basis for train path allocation.

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