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Responsibility and tasks

Scope of responsibility

The TVS is responsible for Switzerland’s entire interoperable standard-gauge network, plus the non-interoperable standard-gauge routes Emmenbrücke–Lenzburg and Zürich–Zürich Giesshübel (branch line).

It is not responsible for Switzerland’s metre- and narrow-gauge networks as well as, in accordance with the provisions of the relevant international treaties, for the standard-gauge cross-border routes of German and Austrian railways on Swiss territory. The TVS is also not responsible for the country’s three- and four-rail tracks.

The keeping of the infrastructure register is governed by separate jurisdictional regulations, in accordance with Article 15f of the Railways Ordinance (EBV). Details of the precise network boundary at the national border are provided under Section 5.2, Table 6 of the Application Guide published by the European Union Agency for Railways (ERA), which lays down the common specifications of the railway infrastructure register. The infrastructure register may include routes and stations that are part of the non-interoperable network. Further information is provided in the InfrastrukturregisterInfrastructure Register Guidelines published by the Federal Office of Transport (FOT).

Swiss railway network under the responsibility of the TVS (timetable, train path allocation and collection of track access charges)

IMs under the responsibility of the TVS (standard-gauge routes only)

  • SBB: entire network incl. Sense Valley Railway (Sensetalbahn)
  • BLS: entire network
  • SOB: entire network
  • HBS: entire network
  • CJ: Porrentruy–Bonfol
  • ETB: Sumiswald-Grünen–Huttwil / Wasen i.E.
  • OeBB: Oensingen–Balsthal
  • ST: Hinwil–Bäretswil–Bauma; Sursee–Triengen-Winikon
  • SZU: Zürich–Sihlbrugg; Zürich Wiedikon–Zürich Giesshübel
  • TMR: Martigny–Orsières; Sembrancher–Le Châble
  • tpf: Romont–Broc-Fabrique; Givisiez–Murten/Morat; Muntelier-Löwenberg–Ins
  • transN: Travers–Buttes
  • Travys: Le Pont–Le Brassus; Orbe–Chavornay

Standard-gauge routes not under the responsibility of the TVS

  • AB: Rorschach–Heiden
  • AVA: Wohlen–Villmergen
  • RB: Arth-Goldau/Vitznau–Rigi
  • SEHR: Etzwilen–Ramsen Grenze
  • SZU: Zürich Giesshübel Abzweigung–Üetliberg
  • TSOL: Renens–Lausanne Flon
  • VVT: Fleurier–St. Sulpice
  • DB Netz: German railway routes on Swiss territory
  • ÖBB: Austrian railway routes on Swiss territory
  • Three-/four-rail tracks: asm, RBS, RhB, zb


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