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Goods wagons on tracks by day


Legal bases for train path allocation

Railways Act (EBG) (GE / FR / IT only)

Train Path Allocation Body Ordinance (TVSV)

Railway Network Access Ordinance (RailNAO)

FOT Ordinance to the Rail Network Access Ordinance (RNAO-FOT)

Explanatory notes published by the FOT regarding the changes to RNAO-FOT that came into effect on 1.1.2017 in connection with the introduction of network usage concepts (NUCs) and network usage plans (NUPs)

FOT guidelines on requesting network access permits, safety certificates and safety authorisations


Other bases for train path allocation

Dates and deadlines for timetabling and ordering procedures

Dates for the ordering and allocation process in the annual timetable 2022


Bilateral Switzerland-EU Land Transport Agreement

Agreement of 21 June 1999 between the Swiss Confederation and the European Community on the Carriage of Goods and Passengers by Rail and Road (RS 0.740.72)

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